​​​​​Town of Baldwin, Maine​

Town Office & Community Center
​534 Pequawket Trail, West Baldwin, Maine 04091

​(207) 625-3581 ​​

Standish EMS

EMS services for the Town of Baldwin are provided by the Town of Standish. 

A subscription is available to all BALDWIN residents at a substantial discounted rate if you were ever to be transported by rescue. 

Rates are as follows:

$10.00 Senior Citizen (per person, ages 60 & over)

$15.00 Senior Couple Plan

$20.00 Single Resident

$35.00 Family Plan

$75.00 Business Plan

A subscription form can be downloaded below or forms are available at the Town office.


Please mail forms and payment to:

Standish Fire/ EMS

175 Northeast Road

Standish, ME 04084

Any questions contact Rob Caron at (207)  642-4343.

Additional Standish Rescue information